Market Place rule

1. General rules

1.1 Any forum member who has activated his account by verifying his e-mail address and can act in the marketplace on Europe Community.

1.2 The forum may only be traded in the marketplace. Offers outside the market place and in the signature are not allowed and will be deleted as well as warned. 1.3 Europe Community only provides the communication platform for a trade, we assume no liability for your purchases and sales.

1.4 Only appropriate topics should be discussed in the marketplace. Support requests and discussions are not included here. If there are problems with a transaction, an administrator or moderator is your first port of call.

1.5 The "bad talk" of sales or their prices without their own interest is to be omitted. 1.6 The processing of purchases should only take place via the resources available on the Europe Community (PN, contribution comments etc). When processing via TeamSpeak or Discord there is the possibility of recording the sales pitch, this recording can then help in case of any problems to clarify.

1.7 The following payment methods are allowed for offers created by users:

  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • cash payment

1.8 Payments may only be made using currencies recognized by the Bundesbank.

1.9 We reserve the right to permanently block users who are negative in the marketplace.

2. Rules for offers and requests

2.1 All offers must quote binding minimum prices. These prices are set by the seller. Similarly, the price of an offer in an application must be stated by the provider.

2.2 An offer or request may be pushed after 24 hours.

2.3 If articles or services are offered in several forums or on other platforms (also ebay), the respective prices must be identical on all forums / platforms. It may not be offered the same article in another forum for 15 € if it is more expensive or cheaper in our marketplace.

2.4 Offers which have been placed on eBay must be provided with the corresponding link to the eBay offer.

3. Articles, services and offers

3.0.1 In our marketplace, only customary amounts may be traded, as long as it is a physical item, this also applies to game and other keys and product keys.

3.0.2 Offering articles purchased for profit is not permitted. We reserve the right to posts in which new product is offered to close suspicion or delete.

3.0.3 If you offer a defective physical item for sale, this must be clearly indicated in the entry. Even game accounts that may include a ban (VAC, FairFight, EAC, BattlEye etc) must be marked accordingly.

3.0.4 Products offered must be in their own sphere of influence at all times of the offer

3.1 Hardware

3.1.1 Hardware that has been operated outside specifications specified by the manufacturer is generally excluded from any manufacturer's warranty or warranty. Offering such hardware in the marketplace with warranty is intentional deception. A purchase contract would therefore be contestable at any time and could be reversed. This mainly includes overclocked components and hardware in which heatsinks were replaced.

3.1.2 Samples of Evaluation Samples are removed by our moderators and punished with temporary marketplace bans.

3.2 Software

3.2.1 The trading of FSK-18 films, USK-18 games and imports is not permitted in the marketplace. This applies equally to any statements that result in a PN deal. What an age rating your games have, you can read here. The same for films can be found here. All users are obliged to quote the USK information for each game and the FSK information for each film in the case of offers and requests.

According to §14 of the Youth Protection Act, which came into force on April 1st, 2003, the sale of articles is prohibited

  • have no youth release
  • are not suitable under 18 years
  • were indexed
  • were imported and have no USK release

Since here also minor buyers act and we have no proof of age, we punish violations with temporary marketplace locks.

3.2.2 When trading with licensed software, the scope of delivery specified by the manufacturer must be completely enclosed. In general, the key and the installation medium are assumed. What exactly the prescribed scope of delivery, you will learn from the manufacturer. There you will also learn if any further measures to transfer the license are necessary. In addition, you may only offer licenses that are not subject to any conditions. This is especially true for student and student licenses.

3.2.3 Since most accounts are not transferable, the sale is generally prohibited.

3.2.4 The sale of keys that can be used to purchase USK-18 games, such as NVIDIA's Pick your Path or AMD's Never-Settle programs, is also prohibited.

3.3 consoles

3.3.1 Trading in chipped game consoles is prohibited. If a console has been modified in such a way that a copyright infringement in the sense of the manufacturer is to be assumed, a sale via the forum is excluded. These include consoles that have a modified firmware or extensions and external modules that unlock more features. Violation can be penalized for repetition with temporary marketplace bans.

3.4 Receiver

3.4.1 Trading in receivers that have been modified or use an alternative operating system is prohibited. Reason is the possibility of some alternative operating systems to allow the illegal reception of pay-TV. Since the effort of checking each individual version for possible copyright infringements in the sense of the manufacturer is not possible, trading with these recipients is generally prohibited. This also applies to CI modules.

3.5 Other

3.5.1 The supply of weapons is not allowed. This also applies to weapons that may be sold without proof of age, and exhibits.

3.5.2 Furthermore, the point of the articles that we do not want to see here is tobacco, alcohol and narcotics, which are in any case covered by the heading illegal.

3.5.3 The trade in living beings of all kinds is undesirable in the marketplace. There are certainly better platforms for sale than the marketplace of

4. Reviews

After a deal, you have the opportunity to leave your trading partner on the wall of his profile a short review. All users profit from this, if they can estimate their trading partner before a purchase. Please use this opportunity to share your experiences with the other users. For a rating to be valid, it must meet the following conditions:

4.1 The contribution of the purchased article must be linked to the evaluation.

4.2 The creation of reviews by multi-accounts is recognized and leads to a permanent marketplace lock. 4.3 Each purchase may only be assessed once.

4.6 Vengeance reviews are generally deleted.

4.7 If there is still a need for clarification with regard to a registered rating, you can notify this by means of the registration button of the relevant rating.

5. Safety instructions This section is not part of the policy.

For a safe trade, we advise everyone to follow these recommendations.

5.1 before buying

5.1.1 Inform yourself about your trading partner before buying and clarify all questions in advance.

5.1.2 As these are private sales, the seller may exclude a warranty in advance in his offer. However, this does not release him from delivering the goods in the described condition. In private trading, there is also no statutory 14-day right of withdrawal.

5.1.3 We generally recommend to ship the goods with confidence, so that in case of dispute the shipment is documented.

5.2 after the purchase or sale

5.2.1 After confirming the trade, in addition to the bank details, also give the complete address and telephone number of your trading partner.

5.2.2 If there are delays in the handling, this does not always mean the worst. Give your trading partner a reasonable wait and try to contact him. With a call you can clear many things much easier.