Ab den 5.12.2019 sind unsere Servern OFFLINE. Die Server bekommen mehrere Updates und werden getestet.
Beginn: 6:00 Uhr
Ende: 9:00 Uhr

Wir bedanken für euer Verständnis :)

Mfg das Europe Team
  • Moin

  • DR KRIMINALIS kommst du bitte auf unseren TeamSpeak Server rauf. Simon benötigt deine Hilfe zu den Server.

  • sorry war ins bed aber heute .bien af ts auf dem laptop ok

  • Ok

  • Guten Abend allerseits Server 2 für einen Neustart hier in Kürze. testet etwas danke MFG KRIMINALIS

  • Hallo zusammen wollte nur mal kurzen Stand mitteilen vom Arma 3 Server. Der Marktplatz ist in Arbeit die ersten Änderungen der Map sind schon gefallen ^^

  • Juhu Schneeflocken ^^

  • <3

  • Sneflokke kommer vrimlende

    hen over Diger trimlende,

    det knyger ud af Himlene,

    det sluger Hegn og Gaard,

    det ryger ind ad Sprækkerne

    til Pølserne paa Rækkerne,

    og Faarene ved Hækkerne

    faar Blink i Pelsens Haar.

  • Godaw

  • Hello Community! I´m here ;)

  • God aften allesammen. Og rigtig god weekend til alle her inde :D

  • Abend

  • Gast#22b2


  • Gast#22b2

    hi hi

  • Nocturna Art

    Nocturna Art

    Hey there!

    This is the place where you can get art of me! Wanna have some nice personal emotes for your Twitch Streaming or your Discord or whatever else? Or maybe a Illustration of your favourite character? You´re at the right place!

    Recently (and of popular request) I started doing comissions. I mainly started making emotes for Twitch and Discord.

    Any Questions or do you have a request? I´d love to hear them! Just send me a mail or a message on any of my social media or just use the contact formula and I will answer them as fast as possible!

  • Home of Roleplay

    Home of Roleplay
  • SWF


    Playstation Clan

  • Hubergaming

  • White Wolves

    White Wolves


  • Runtime


    Runtime offers you wholesome, balanced and pratical nutrition solutions that you can use quickly and easily.

    A well-rounded profile of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals combined with isomaltulose and BCAAs makes each of our products an optimal solution for any situation you may face.

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  • Tenfix Gaming

    Tenfix Gaming

    Since 26.11.2017 - at the end of June 2019 there was the multigaming community Tenfix Gaming.

  • Escape from Unternov

    Escape from Unternov


    @everyone The end of Escape from Unturnov has come!

    First of all, I would like to apologize to you, the community, our sponsors and donors on behalf of the server team. When Unturnov started, we hadn't expected so many players at all and were absolutely unprepared for it, so many problems arose over the entire duration of the official servers.

    Now we come to the reasons why we decided to stop the official servers. The biggest reason is the time, to keep such a project running takes a lot of time and great management skills. We all have a private life which sometimes takes more and sometimes less time. For example, I started a relationship with a great girl two weeks ago, which is also the reason for me to end this project. KaktusKopf and Canis Lupus have their own projects that they now want to pursue and I too would like to devote myself to new projects soon. In addition, the servers are almost empty, the hype around Unturnov is over and there will be no new content for Unturnov, the mod I also see as finished.

    Escape from Unturnov is my most successful mod and I'm damn proud of it. I actually come from the Unturned roleplay community and Unturnov was my first PvP project. It was really a great time in which I learned a lot and can now apply my knowledge in future projects!

    Last but not least, I would like to say: Thank you! Thanks to all who are here who supported this project and the mod! Thanks to our server team, without you the whole thing would have failed far too soon! Thanks to our sponsors and donors who generously supported us! Thanks to all the social media people who shared this project with the world!:heart:It was an honor for me!:UtSad:


- Starke gemeinsame ausführungen von Projekten und Veranstaltungen
- Zusammenarbeit auf 85%
- Gemeinsames Interessen aufbau
- Mehrere möglichkeiten auf Interne Partnerschaften auf Europe Community kennen zu lernen
- Besprechungen mit Sinn faktor
- Gemeinsame Erfolge


- Mindestens 5-10 Team Mitglieder
- Erfahrungen in der Community
- Vorstellen der Projekte und Interessen
- Vorstellung der Projektleiter bzw. Community Inhaber
- Bestehendes Interesse an einer langfristigen Zusammenarbeit

by Robert